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Portland, Maine

Wednesday made a day motorcycle trip into Portland, Maine - camped 45 minutes south. A beautiful day - 78 degrees and sunny, light breeze. Beautiful highway route into the City. An harbor city with lots of old brick buildings, re-purposed into LOTS of shops and restaurants. Cobble stone streets and sidewalks. Walked around the peer and main streets to explore the area - didn't buy anything, other than lunch. The shops are for the upscale affluent shopper, and, of course, lots of shops for pets and anything organic, renewable or sustainable . I'm not a shopper and don't care to have to figure out how to store stuff, so we're very selective about what we purchase.

Lunched at a casual peer restaurant - New England Clam Chowder and Fried Clams. The Chowder was OK - not much seafood but lots of milky broth; the clams were very good - a crunch, yet thick light textured batter. Only ONE stall toilet - GO FIGURE!! Oh well, we just wait.

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