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So far this year we have had 41 days of dry camping (no electrical hookup) and we have not had to run our generator a single time!! The power bank, solar panels, and inverter/charger had performed outstanding. Patricia's has been sewing and ironing while we have been dry camping and this hasn't even challenged our system. The power bank was always recharged to 100% by the afternoon and the deepest discharge has been 75%. We haven't had multiple days of cloudy weather during this time but we have had cloudly days and we still were able to recover our charge.

The charge rate of the lithium batteries and the power output of the inverter/charger is such that even if we needed to run the generator the charge time would be short.

We are VERY pleased with our new power system and can't say enough about the benefit of being power independent.

Outback Power Bank Diagram web configura
Download • 287KB

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