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The 2020 Adventure Begins..........Sort of

We kicked off our 2019 adventure by attending the RVillage Spirit of the Road Rally in Live Oak Florida. We attended the rally again this year but the rally was held 6 weeks earlier so we will have a slight delay before we depart April 1st.

The RVillage Rally was another great event. Lots of master classes covering many different topics with many of social events mixed in and of course the evening gathering around the Firebirds. The Firebirds make for a perfort bonfire!

The campground at the Spirit of the Swanee River Music park isn't perfect but it is perfect for this event.

It was exciting to see the growth in attendance from last year.

One highlight was running into a couple that I sat next to at 7 Mile brewery in Jersey Shores back in June. What are the odds??

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