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The 2023 Adventure is NOW (5/15/2023)

We got the house closed up and the wheels were rolling at 6:29am, 1 minute ahead of schedule LOL!

An uneventful travel day, just the way we like it, with no surprises. We were able to take our time with a relatively short day (315 miles). We stopped at Cracker Barrel, in Gainsville, for a little breakfast and still managed to pull into our campsite by 1pm.

Our first destination is Eastbank Campground, that is situated just across the border in Georgia. Our campsite is right on the banks of Lake Seminole just outside of the small town of Chattahoochee FL.

Our intention is to stay ahead of the heat....... we failed. It was quite toasted, 90's, until the thunderstorm came thru and cooled things down. Should be a good night for sleeping.

We will be here until Wednesday. Next stop, Millers Ferry AL.

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