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The Devil Made Me Do It !!

The ride from Spearfish to Devils Tower and back is one of my favorite rides. I have done it MANY times but I never tire of it.

I always head to Belle Fourche and head west on Hwy24. The landscape starts as rolling pasture land where land is measured not in hundreds but thousands of acres. A short distance outside of Belle Fourche you run into Aladdin, population 15 and the infamous Aladdin General Store. This general store is filled with interesting merchandise and a recently added bar. Likely will be busy during the rally.

The topography starts to increase rapidly once you get past Aladdin and the trees start to dot the landscape. Various creeks flow thru the valleys adding to the beauty of the landscape. You are eventually rewarded with your first site of Devils Tower that stands proudly about the terrain.

After a hike around the base of the Tower we headed to the picnic area to have a little lunch before heading back to Spearfish. The ride back is also rewarding and you eventually drop into Sundance. You could jump on the interstate but we prefer to stay on the frontage road and take our time and virtually no traffic.

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