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The Foundry

While driving to the gym in West Des Moines a unique building caught my eye. I made note of the name on the building so I could investigate. It looked like it could be a brewery but seemed a little big for a craft brewery.

A little research revealed that this place called "The Foundry at Valley Junction", an 1890’s railcar barn and iron Foundry, is reclaimed as a distillery, food + beverage hall, commissary kitchen, and place to connect. Designed to create a one-of-a-kind experience, the Foundry is comprised of an eclectic mix of vendors and seeks to highlight the strength of the Greater Des Moines’ craft and maker culture. The place hopes to serve as a place that inspires creativity and collaboration within the community.

This was calling our name so we decided to have lunch there and check it out.

The beer hall is impressive and has the vibe of a German beer hall. The beer list is extensive with a collection of many local craft beers and other big name beers. The current food menu had a variety of German offerings. We oped for the Wiener Schnitzel with fried potatoes and an order of Sauerkraut Balls (deep fried balls of mashed potatoes with Sauerkraut) served with a wonderful dipping sauce. The Wiener Schnitzel was served with a mushroom gravy and was excellent! The coating was crisp and the meat was moist. The serving was very large and easily fed the two of us. The fried potatoes were cooked and seasoned perfectly. The Sauerkraut Balls were out of this world. The blend with the mashed potatoes resulted in a wonderful balance. The crisp texture of the outside coating with the soft middle was very satisfying.

The food ordering process is unique. You order from a tablet at a counter and your order is tracked on a large screen. The screen indicates when your order is ready and you head up to the counter to pick it up. This process eliminates table service and really helps control costs.

This place will be on our must stop list when we are in the Des Moines area.

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