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The "Mark" of Excellence!

That would be Makers Mark Bourbon! We started our exploration of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail with Makers Mark, the first bourbon distillery we had every visited some 10 years ago during a motorcycle trip thru Kentucky. Lots of changes in the facility have happened over those 10 years but lots has stayed to same. The amazing grounds have stayed the same but many of the changes/improvements are actually in the direction of being more "commercial". Similar to the changes observed at Jack Daniels. These changes aren't terrible but the quaint feel isn't quite there. On the positive, the tasking experience is MUCH better. 10 years ago our tasting was in the gift shop, standing around a barrel, with the samples handed out 1 by one. Now there is a beautiful tasting room all setup for the tasting experience. The one disappointment was the distillery was closed for renovation so we couldn't actually go into the heart of the beast. Fortunately we had been in there before, but not being able to experience the smell of the mash was a little disappointing.

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