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The Perfect Campsite? 6/24/2023

Over the years, and many miles, we have been at some really amazing and epic campsites. Being epic doesn't mean that the site is a perfect campsite. But we just may have found it here, adjacent to the Jewel Cave National Monument, just 12 miles west of Custer SD


What makes for a PERFECT campsite? Incredible view is just one attribute, very important attribute, but still just one aspect of a perfect site.

Here's our list of criteria and how this spot shapes up.

  1. Amazing scenery. This spot is a 10! The view is amazing in all directions.

  2. Vehicle access. This spot is a 10! We have been in some amazing sites, but the roads in where extremely rough, could be problematic if it rained, and could lead to vehicle damage or getting stuck. This site has a nice gravel road only 1/2 mile from Hwy 16. It really couldn't be any better.

  3. Level location. This spot is a 10! It's a problem if you can't get your camper level. Even though you can get it level, some sites required lots of effort to get level. This spot required no extra effort to get setup level.

  4. Access to facilities. This spot is a 10! Access to groceries, water, dump station, and gas is important if you want to enjoy your stay. This location is about as perfect as you can get. Custer SD is only 12 miles away. Water, groceries, gas, restaurants, and hardware store are all available in Custer. New Castle WY is only 20 miles away and has a few more offerings. A dump station is only 8 miles away. Rapid City is only an hour away for access to just about any need you might have. For a dry camping site, it really doesn't get any better!

  5. Activities available. This spot is a 10! We look for sites that have things to do within a reasonable distance. We have limitless miles of ATV trails right at our door step. Custer State Park with the Needles Hwy and Wildlife Loop and Iron Mountain Road are within 20 miles.

  6. Internet Access. This spot is a 10! Previously internet access required cell service. This really limited our options. Now with Starlink, the only issue is to have a clear view of the sky. This site has no cell service, previously this would have been a big downgrade. With Starlink, and open sky, this is not an issue.

  7. Privacy. This spot is an 8. We have been in some spots with epic views but there are lots of other campers around you. This spot only has a spot for 1 other camper and that is 1/4 mile away. So not completely isolated but darn close. The only other slight ding is the forest road does have some traffic.

All in all, this site is just about as perfect as we have ever stayed at.

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