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Time to say goodbye to our "friends"

Hard to believe 4 weeks have passed since we arrived at the Big Horn Mountains. We managed to put on 787 miles on the CanAm exploring the many forest roads and trails in the area. We covered just about every forest road we could that connects with Hwy 16 (south end of the Big Horns). Will have to look into exploring those off of Hwy 14 (north end of the Big Horns) if we return next year.

The CanAm is tucked away until next year. We had a real challenge getting this backed into the storage shed. The next building was quite close and the door clearance was just a few inches. We spent an hour getting this thing into the shed. We had to unload the CanAm and back into the shed. Hand move the trailer into the shed and back the truck into position. Pull the trailer forward so we would drop the ramp and load up the CanAm, and back the trailer back into the shed. What a pain but we finally got it done!

Most of the Big Horns are open range with Sheep at the higher elevations and cattle everywhere else. They mostly aren't an issue but at our last spot by Grouse Mountain the cattle were a royal PAIN. They would surround the camper, and the highly curious calf's would chew on everything! I tried chasing them away using the CanAm and the pickup they pretty much ignored me. Patricia put on her psycho hat with a couple pots banging together and was finally able to get them to move. I won't miss these "friends".

We were fortunate enough to have visits from some real friends during our visit. Our travel friend, Jean, came up for a quick visit. We took here on a couple of adventures with the CanAm and was able to show some spectacular scenery (Sheep Mountain, Meadowlark Lake Over-Look, Tensleep Canyon, and a few others. We also got to spend some time with our friends from Des Moines, Aaron, Jayne, and their family. What a great time!

With the Big Horns behind us, we are on our way to Pueblo CO to spend some time with our son, Alex. We will be there for 10 days before we start our journey home.

We currently are in Cheyenne WY for the night and will finish our journey to Pueblo in the morning.

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