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Vacation Land in Maine

As we reach the tip of the US in Maine, it too is a beautiful state - major vacation land year round. Maine, along with the rest of the country, is enduring a major heatwave - high of 98 and HUMID! Only ran the AC twice for 30 minutes throughout of trip but yesterday it went on and remains on today. Presumable, it'll cool down in the next couple of days with rain pending tomorrow. I'm glad we're not in Washington, DC or New York with temps in triple digits and all the asphalt and concrete. At least we have lots of trees and shade.

In the next couple of days we plan to do a lobster supper. A lobster fisherman is located at the entrance of the RV park - they'll steam them too. The asking rate if $6.99/pound for soft shell and $7.99 for hard shell up to 1.5# and an additional surcharge for larger lobsters. Restaurants are advertising lobster rolls for $20 and up. It's lobster season right now and this is the place to get them. Will let you know how it goes - need to get more butter to melt!! Thought I'd make homemade potato salad as a side to keep it simple.

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