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W-I-N-D-Y North Carolina

Spent a couple days on the North Carolina National Seashore. It was an awesome campground but a challenge to enjoy with the gale wind advisory. Even with the large dunes creating a barrier the camper was rocking - day and night - and not the fun kind of rocking either!!! A big storm came through the first night and really made things rock; luckily it was short lived but the wind continued. Made the trek across the sand dunes to the Atlantic Ocean and walked the beach. The following day took the truck as it was too cool, cloudy and windy for the motorcycle, Took a ferry from one Island to another. The ocean swells and wind did a good job of 'salting' the truck and needed a wash after the return ferry ride. Lots of wake board sailing in the Sound upon our return. It was fun to watch and may have been vacation time for lots of Canadians; lots of license plates. We were lucky to have had south wind to get to our destination but strong north head winds when we left. Luckily the winds did calm some the further away we got from the shoreline.

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