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We Made It!

After a couple of hectic days in Minnesota, and a few long travel days, we finally made it down to our new home base in Florida.

We picked up the moving truck and trailer in St Cloud on a Thursday and headed to our storage unit in Maple Lake to load up the Goldwing and the various items we had stored. We were a little concerned because of the significant snow fall we had the day before and was uncertain the snow would be cleared at the storage center. Fortunately the plow just finished clearing the lot just as we arrived and loading the motorcycle was uneventful.

We loaded the majority of the apartment Thursday night and finished Friday morning and was on the road by 8:30am. After a couple of long travel days we pulled into Polk City at 10:30am Sunday morning and started the tedious process of unloading and sorting stuff between our new home, storage, and travel trailer.

It feels good to finally have made it.

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