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Where are we? 5/16/2022 On the Road Again !

5/16/2022: We were on the road at 6:20am and had a relatively easy travel day. Traffic was a little heavy, but manageable. We took our time and had a few casual stops and still arrived at our destination at 12:30pm. The early stop allowed us to fully check everything in the camper out. We don't have any hookups before we leave so we don't have a chance to make sure everything is in working order. Unfortunately, we found a problem with the kitchen sink with a likely defective faucet.

We are currently at the Eastbank Campground just outside Chattahoochee FL but we are actually just across the border in GA. We have a beautiful view of the lake. We are only here 1 night before we hit the road again so we are taking the opportunity to enjoy our surroundings.

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