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Where are we? 5/19/2022 Des Moines IA

5/19/2022: Wheels rolling at 6:30am again. In this case we were trying to stay ahead of the storms that were coming into the area. Happily we stayed ahead of them and only had a couple of rain drops to deal with. Over-all, another relatively easy travel day.

We arrived at our next destination, Des Moines IA, at little after 1pm and settled into a really nice campsite at the Bob Shelter campground that is at the base of the Sailorville dam. We have stayed here before and have been very happy with the location and the services.

Tonight we will be spending time with our friends Aaron & Jane along with their family. Outdoor grilling and a little libation is on the menu. I stopped by the 512 Brewery and picked up a growler of DIPA and also picked up a bottle of the best bourbon I have every had (Rabbit Hole - Derringer). Should be a fun evening.

We will be here 2 nights before we head to Sioux Falls SD.

Map of where we are: MAP

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