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Where Are We ? 5/21/2023 Waurika OK

We left Shreveport this morning around 7:20am and arrived at Waurika Lake Campground around 2pm.

When pulling in the slide this morning I noticed that the bottom had separated from the right side. The rough roads the day before are the likely culprit. I propped it up so we could hit the road but made a stop at a Lowes to get supplies for repairs. We made it to our destination with no further issues and spent a little time repairing the situation after we arrive at our destination.

We are staying at an Army Corps of Engineers campground on Lake Waurika. Located 100 miles NW of Dallas TX. Nice campground and we have a site that is right on the water with great views. This is really in the middle of nowhere and it will be a rather low key 4 days here.

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