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Where are we? 5/27/2022 Clearwater / St Cloud MN

5/27 2022: We landed in Clearwater MN after a mostly uneventful travel day. Clear skies and a tail wind made for easy travel with the exception of a detour due to a road being closed.

We are at the AJ Acres Campground in Clearwater MN. We typically stay at the St Cloud Campground but it was booked solid so we had to settle for here. It's a DUMP! Mile washboardy gravel road to the entrance and dirt/sand lots. They direct you to pull into the sites in the wrong direction so the utilities are on the wrong side of the camper. I had to use an extension cord for the power and the cords are now on the ground on the door side of the coach posing a trip hazard. Many seasonal sites and most are rundown rigs with a mess in the campsite. Not looking forward to our stay :(

Map of where we are at: MAP

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