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Where are we? 6/1/2022: Fort Thompson SD

6/1/2022: Our time in Minnesota passed quickly. We were able to visit our daughter, who flew in from California, and my brother, who is the in the VA long-term care facility. The weather wasn't the best, but we at least were able to hit one of our favorite restaurants (White Horse) and one of the breweries that we used to frequent (Spilled Grain in Annandale).

My first visit with Mark didn't go well and I was hesitant to visit again. Fortunately, my other visits went well and was at least able to have a decent time together.

We hit the road this morning at 6:30am. We had very high winds yesterday but they subsisded over night and remained light throughout our travels. We travelled 6 hours to Ft Thompson South Dakota and are camped at the Left Tailrace campground that is right on the Missouri River, just beneath the damn. We have stayed here before and really like this place. It's in the middle of nowhere which is part of why we like it here.

We will only be here for 2 nights before we head out to Nomad View in the Badlands, just outside Wall SD.

Map of our location: MAP

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