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Where are we? 6/3/2022: Nomad View, Badlands SD

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

We made it to one of our favorite boondocking sites, Nomad View. It's located in the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands that sits at the edge of the Badlands National Park. Our camper is literally on the edge of the drop off into the Badlands. The view is amazing. The site is just outside the entrance of the Badlands and is 8 miles from Wall and the infamous Wall Drug (tourist trap!).

Today was an easy travel day with only 2.5 hours of drive time. With the time change we arrived at Wall at 9:15am MST. We decided to hit the Wall Drug tourist trap and get some breakfast and pick up a FRESH donut before heading out to Nomad View.

After securing a decent boondocking spot I headed into Rapid City so I could pick up the Black Hills Trail Pass that we will need to take the UTV on the trails. I didn't realize it, but the dealer we are picking up the UTV from was right next door, so I dropped in to check out our new side by side. Looks awesome!! We are picking it up Monday morning.

We will be here 3 nights before heading to Custer SD. We will pick up the UTV on our way.

Our new "toy"

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