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Where are we? 6/5/2022 Custer SD

Yesterday was a busy day. We departed early since we had a number of stops in Rapid City before we moved on to our final destination in Custer SD. I found a shop that will straighten/align the axles on the trailer and possibly upgrade the leaf springs. We also picked up our UTV and trailer before heading to Custer SD. We are staying at the Big Pines Campground that is just outside Custer. We got a really nice spot tucked under the big pines. We also are very close to National Forest Trail Access. We jump on the Hwy for 1 mile and head off into the woods!

The shop I found to straighten/align the axles had an opening this morning so we hauled the camper in and will spend the day doing errands etc. since our "home" is in the shop. Hopefully this will resolve the issue with the uneven tire wear.

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