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Where are we? 6/5/2022 Wasta SD

We were planning on spending 1 more night at Nomad View but the rain last night and forecast for more rain tonight we decided to move on. The "roads" at Nomad View are unimproved and with the rain the clay roads turn greasy and even without a trailer the vehicle was really sliding around. By noon the wind had dried things out a little so we decided to pack up before the next round of rain. We got out with no problems but the trailer, vehicles, and our shoes where caked in mud. Fortunately, in Wall, a gas station had an outside car wash so I pulled in with the travel trailer and hosed things down.

I found a campground, 24 Express, just 20 miles down the road that was $20/night with electrical hookup and dump station for when we leave. There is no real amenities here but the price is right and it will be fine for the overnight stay. The Wasta Bar & Grill is right next door so we might even give that a shot for dinner tonight.

Tomorrow is a busy day. We will be stopping at a shop to see about upgrading our axles on the travel trailer, pick up the UTV/trailer, and move to our new spot in Custer. The forecast of severe weather for tomorrow is a little concerning. Will have to keep an eye on it.

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