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Where are we? 6/6/2023 Custer SD

We made it to South Dakota! We are staying at Big Pine Campground just outside Custer SD. Custer is situated at the south end of the Black Hills.

We left Pueblo CO Monday morning and had a 1 night stop in Wheatland WY. We stayed in a City Park with free over-night camping. No hookups but that was fine for a 1 night stop.

We had a beautiful drive from Wheatland to Custer today. We stuck to the back roads and was rewarded with little traffic and amazing scenic vistas in b oth Wyoming and South Dakota. Gotta love the prairie!

We will be at Big Pine Campground for 6 nights before moving on to boondocking in the National Forest. We do have a number of things to get done while here. Trip to Buffalo WY to pick up the Side by Side, getting a new awning installed in Rapid City, oil change in the truck, and finally a 100 hour service on our side by side. Whew, will be a little busy but then our schedule will slack off.

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