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Where are we? Gunnison CO. Stevens Point 8/15/2022

Our time in Pueblo CO just flew bye. I can't believe it's time to move on. We had a wonderful time in Pueblo and enjoyed our visit with Alex.

We moved onto a beautiful spot at the Stevens Point Campground just outside Gunnison CO. on the Gunnison River. We have a waterfront campsite that is just spectacular.

Our drive here was very enjoyable. Hwy 50 runs from Pueblo to Gunnison and is a diverse and beautiful drive. It starts following the Arkansas River on a curvy road at the bottom of a canyon followed by a scenic mountain pass going over Monarch Pass. I took this route 10+ years ago on a motorcycle, pulling a travel trailer on this route just wasn't quite as enjoyable :).

We will be here for 3 nights before we move onto the Colorado National Monument just outside Grand Junction.

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